Plastic front ATV BOX model GKA F 101

GKA F 101

0 kg.

189 EUR

Plastic front ATV BOX , model GKA F 101

  • – It is made of first class import high density plastic.
  • – Rubber sealant on the cover above protects the ATV BOX from getting wet.
  • – Universal adjusting mounting set of the U-form is easily installed.
  • Weight: 5,65 kilos
  • LWH: 477х869х211mm
  • Volume: 51 liters
The cover can be easily leaned back and used as a table.

Compatibility: Stels, HISUN, CFMOTO, Cectec, Yamaha, Honda, BRP, Suzuki, Polaris, Kawasaki, Kymco, etc.

Black ATV BOXes are always available. ATV BOXes of other colors are made to order, while the customers have to pay in advance. The manufacturing time is ten (10) working days.


GKA C 402

GKA C 402

GKA C 402 can be installed with an own backrest of ATV, as well as without it.

253 EUR
GKA R 301

GKA R 301

GKA R 301 is a comfortable and practical ATV BOX. The ATV BOX GKA R 301 is a good solution for far expeditions,

223 EUR 230 EUR


The hermetic GKA GUN CASE will protect your weapon from water, dirt, snow

141 EUR