Plastic back ATV BOX. Model GKA C 403

GKA C 403

13 kg.

292 EUR

Due to its futuristic design the ATV BOX GKA C 403 is compatible with each ATV and becomes more bright and stylish. The internal compartment of the ATV BOX GKA C 403 is divided into two sections, which can be opened by turns without getting down from the machinery. The ATV BOX GKA C 403 can be installed with an own backrest of ATV, as well as without it because a quick-release waterproof backrest from the material EVA is in set.

The ATV BOX GKA C 403 is a good solution for far expeditions, as well as for serious exploitation in the conditions of severe impassibility and for family vacation. The rubber sealant profile D makes the ATV BOX more hermetic.

The AVT BOX for the second passenger with comfortable handles.

  • – It is supplemented with two side compartments, which can be comfortably locked.
  • – It has a place for an installation of a number.
  • – Universal adjusting mounting set of the U-form is easily installed.

  • Volume: 72 liters
  • LWH: 690х1060х500mm
  • Weight: 12,5 kilos

Compatible with: Stels, HISUN, CFMOTO, Cectec, Yamaha, Honda, BRP, Suzuki, Polaris, Kawasaki, Kymco, etc.


GKA R 303

GKA R 303

This ATV BOX GKA R 303 is a classical one in the history of ATV. ATV riders love form

220 EUR 228 EUR
GKA R 305

GKA R 305

Plastic back ATV BOX model GKA R 305 was developed specifically for BRP ATVs, but compatible with most of АТVs.

221 EUR


209 EUR